Today: 28.01.2020

In the framework of the program «Рухани жаңғыру» the award of the Republican poetic competition «Дүниеге келер әлі талай Қасым» named after the outstanding person in Kazakh poetry, popularly known as «дауылпаз ақын» Kasym Amanzholov, organized by The Languages development administration of Karaganda region.

Thirty years ago, the Low about the language was adopted on 22 September. Since then, some work has been done in developing the state language policy; the tasks in the field of language have changed in accordance with modern requirements. One of them is the task of gradual transition of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin script in the framework of the program «Рухани жаңғыру» in 2017.

The prize of akim of Karaganda region «Тіл жанашыры» (hereinafter - the Prize) is awarded to enhance the social role and significance of the state language, encourage and support those who have contributed to the development of languages and the implementation of the state language policy.


Language development administration of Karaganda region holds the Republican poetic contest «Дүниеге келер әлі талай Қасым» on 4 October 2019 dedicated to the outstanding poet, known popularly as «Дауылпаз ақын» Kasim Amanzholov.

The Language development administration of Karaganda region together with the PA «Үш байлық» conducts scheduled trainings on the adaptation of the population to the new Kazakh alphabet based on the Latin script. If, in 2018, such trainings covered 5 cities nearby to the regional center, this year it is planned to cover more than 3 thousand people from 13 regions.