Today: 21.02.2020

In order to promote and explain the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin script on October 9 this year in the meeting room of the akimat of Ulytau district was continued the training "Learn to write in Latin", which started in July this year in the region. The training was attended by the chief specialist of Language development administration of Karaganda Region S. Neldibaeva, Director of the language Resource center at Language development administration of Karaganda Region G. Mustagulova, head apparatus of the akim of Ulytau area D. Aitbekuly, as well as experts from regional state institutions.

The state program of development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2019 was approved by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 2, 2018 №401. One of the main objectives of this program is to carry out comprehensive work on the translation of this program is the transition of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin script, its application in all spheres of social relations, improvement of language culture.

In order for the formation and implementation of state policy in accordance with the state program during the meeting, the chief specialist of Language development administration of Karaganda Region S. Neldibaeva made a report. Then, G. Mustagulova was given the floor to begin the training, in order to form the skills of the participants were performed various games and karaoke in the Latin script.

Also, in order to quickly memorize changes in the new alphabet were given practical tasks. In particular, the participants of the training easily completed the tasks on the dividing of pictures in nominal groups, as a result of which they came to the conclusion that the diacritic sign of akut is typical for specific Kazakh sounds. During the game «Кім жылдам» one of the two teams has absolutely no error, and in the vocabulary of second team was found 8 errors. In addition, during the singing of the Latin karaoke, the song of Shamshi  «Арыс жағасында» was easy, but the majority of the participants could not follow the song of the secondary rhythm «Мен қазақпын».

This, in turn, determines that people who become familiar with the new alphabet and form basic knowledge still need time to develop skills.