Today: 21.02.2020

In the framework of the program «Рухани жаңғыру» in the concert hall «Шалқыма» at the initiative of Language development administration of Karaganda region was held the Republican poetic contest «Дүниеге келер әлі талай Қасым», dedicated to the outstanding poet, known popularly as «дауылпаз ақын» - «the poet-petrel» - Kasim Amanzholova.

The competition, which was previously held at the regional level, was attended by more than 200 poets. This event, which played an important role in identifying new talents, is helding at the national level since this year. This year, 70 contestants aged 18-40 from 16 regions of the country applied for participation. The jury selected 17 best candidates from 10 regions (cities Astana, Almaty and Akmola, Almaty, West Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Mangystau, Pavlodar, Turkestan, Karaganda regions). According to the regulations of the competition, the participants presented 3 poems on the following topics: poem to Kasym Amanzholov, modernization of the public consciousness and free theme.

Members of the jury, taking into account the disclosure of themes, artistic quality and stylistic originality of works, distributed prizes. The winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas and cash prizes.

A consolation prize (30 thousand tenge) was received by Esembekov Kuat (Astana city), Sayat Kamshyger (Almaty city), Duman Samatuly (Akmola region), Marlen Gilymkhanov (West Kazakhstan region), Mizan Zhumalali (Pavlodar region), Akerke Abdikarim (Karaganda region), Saltanat Kenesbekovna (Karaganda region), Maksat Kuzemkhanov (Karaganda region), Sultan Dauletkhan (Karaganda region), winner of the special prize «Үкілі үміт» (50 thousand tenge) is Erik Naryn (Karaganda region). Third place (150 thousand tenge) was taken by the correspondent of the newspaper «Егемен Қазақстан» of Zhambyl region Khamit Asan, Arkalyk Amaliatuly from Turkestan region and Mukhtar Kumisbek from Almaty. Second place (250 thousand tenge) were taken by the chief editor of the newspaper «Арқа ақшамы» of Karaganda region Zhanat Zhankashuly and Asylbek Zhanbyrbai from Mangistau region. Rauan Kabidoldin won the first place (350 thousand tenge), and the Grand Prix - 500 thousand tenge was received by the senior correspondent of the newspaper «Орталық Қазақстан» of Karaganda region Zhanibek Aliman.