Today: 06.12.2019

Resource language center in cooperation with the Karaganda Medical University on 20 March on the eve of Nauryz at the university held intellectual competition «Үштілді көшбасшы». This competition also was held at Karaganda state technical University and Karaganda economic University.

The purpose of the contest - the implementation of the state program of development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the years 2011-2019, the expansion and strengthening of social and communicative functions of state language, the preservation of common cultural functions of Russian language, the implementation of the policy of the Trinity of languages, development of intellectual potential of young people, speaking three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English).

The event was attended by 8 first-year students of the Karaganda Medical University. The competition consisted of 4 stages, each stage questions were raised and set in three languages on various topics from history, traditions, world cinema etc. At the end of the 4th stage Akhmetov Erasyl won the title of «Үштілді көшбасшы», ІІ place and ІІІ place was taken by Shakir Daulet and Rahimbaeva Aruzhan.

P.S. This contest will also be held in other universities of the city.