Today: 06.12.2019

Thirty years ago, the Low about the language was adopted on 22 September. Since then, some work has been done in developing the state language policy; the tasks in the field of language have changed in accordance with modern requirements. One of them is the task of gradual transition of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin script in the framework of the program «Рухани жаңғыру» in 2017.

 «National dictation», which was held in the country on November 14 last year in order to promote the new Kazakh alphabet, instilling skills of practical assimilation of the Kazakh alphabet in Latin was held this year at the regional level. This year, about 120,000 residents were covered, including 119,293 citizens, 9,103 civil servants, 34,996 employees of organizations in the provision of public services, 18,539 students, 37,394 students and 19,261 other categories of the region's population.

This year, together with government agencies in the dictation actively took part such companies as LLP ««Корпорация Казахмыс», JSC «NPH «Фитохимия», JSC «KEGOC», LLP «Караганды Су», LLP   «Караганды Жылу Сбыт», JSC  «Kazpost».

According to the results of the regional dictation, a special working group consisting of teachers and methodologists with certificates for the development of the new alphabet assessed the assimilation and memorization of 200 dictations of spelling, punctuation rules, and selected 28 of them as the best competitors.

It should be noted that all winners were given cash prizes as well as II, III, and I places. In addition, all 200 people who took part in the dictation were awarded letters of thanks for active citizenship. They announced the continuation of this initiative in the next year.

During the dictation it was noted that the level of writing literacy of such institutions in the region as the Court, Police, Treasury, Regional archives, Statistics, which were actively participating in the training in order to develop reading and writing skills in the new alphabet is very high.