Today: 06.12.2019

The prize of akim of Karaganda region «Тіл жанашыры» (hereinafter - the Prize) is awarded to enhance the social role and significance of the state language, encourage and support those who have contributed to the development of languages and the implementation of the state language policy.

The prize of akim of the region is awarded once a year at the solemn events dedicated to the day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan.

Persons who have made a direct contribution to the development and promotion of the state language and other languages of the people of Kazakhstan in the following categories can participate as applicants for the Award:

nomination «Мемлекеттік тіл – мемлекеттік қызметте»  (among public and civil servants, freelance specialists who works in public institutions for the significant contribution to expand the scope of application of state language in state and budgetary organizations of the region);

nomination «Тіл жаршысы» (among the representatives of the print media (including freelance employees) for systematic, high-quality coverage of topical issues of the state language policy, for the uniqueness and professionalism of the presentation of the material);

nomination «Үздік телехабар» (among the representatives of electronic media for the organization of special and high-quality TV shows on topical issues in the implementation of the state language policy, for creativity and originality of materials);

nomination «Жас полиглот»  (among young people from 14 to 29 years old who are fluent in state, Russian and English languages, having diplomas, certificates and other awards at competitions, Olympiads, projects of regional, national and international levels);

nomination «Тіл білгірі» ( among young people of different ethnic groups aged 14 to 29 years, who are fluent in the state language, the winners of prizes of regional and Republican competitions);

nomination «Мемлекеттік тіл - бизнесте» (among small and medium-sized businesses for their contribution to the promotion of national values and the expansion of the scope of the state language in the implementation of business activities in the region);

nomination «Үздік оқытушы»  (among teachers who have achieved success in teaching the adult population the state language, using advanced technologies, new methods of teaching languages, who are also the authors of unique manuals);

nomination «Тіл майталманы» (among citizens engaged in creative activities and intellectuals over 35 years have made a significant contribution to the development and popularization of the state language, as well as being the developers and implementers of educational and cultural programs, manuals, participating in the organization of cultural events aimed at expanding the use of the Kazakh language in various spheres of society).

Documents for participation in nominations:

1) resume, autobiography, recommendation-characteristics from the institution;

2) high quality photos of the official, unofficial format, as well as in the process of work (necessarily in electronic format);

3) copy of ID card and 20-digit current account;

4) project offer for the development and improvement of the state language;

5) high-quality copies of documents and materials confirming the achievements achieved in the development of the state language and other languages of the people of Kazakhstan (diplomas, letters of thanks, certificates, articles, publications, certificates of participation in thematic TV shows, programs and their CD/DVD copies). Documents are provided only on the basis of the work carried out over the past 3 years;

A candidate for the Prize can apply for only one nomination, and the documents of The prize winners are not re-accepted for three years.

Materials that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted. Documents submitted by applicants are not returned, comments are not given.

Materials of applicants for the award «Тіл жанашыры»  are accepted at the address: Karaganda, Gogol str. 34, Languages development administration of Karaganda region. Material in e-mail is not accepted. Deadline: August 23, 2019.

Phones for inquiries: 8/7212/567476.